Creative Genius: How does lifelong learning bring all time success?

Lifelong learning should be part of our daily living and should be ingrained in our life. We continue learning from people of all kinds. We initially learn from our parents, family and friends and the trend continues in our adult life. Learning isn’t merely a matter of educational degrees: it’s a lifelong process for us all, regardless of formal education or not. The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing and expanding our minds. Our task is to encourage our mind growing and expanding in various ways not only by reading, but also by paying attention to those around us, young and experienced. Believe me, the successful folks just do it all the time.


About Alka Dalal

Alka Dalal, MA. , MS.,( NYU and Rutgers) a mother, Entrepreneur and an Artist with many years of corporate experience in USA has Internet Marketing company where she trains newbies and artists to be proficient with new technology using Internet. She has published a new book called, "Creative Genius, TIPS to Unleash Yours. She is working on another one on "Creative Genius, Secrets on finding yours". She has enjoyed success with different careers, family life and business. She is thrilled to share the stories of her struggles and triumphs in spite of adversities with others, to help find their own Creative Genius. She draws upon her vast experience to provide valuable tips on how to succeed in today’s economy. We are all blessed with soul and our own Creative Genius, it is matter of finding it and using it to the fullest extent. Get your FREE million dollar Rolodex on tons of website from the following websites. Also you get FREE articles and newsletter. Please visit her web site at and
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